Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Why is Misspoppywear not so cheap?

A while ago we decided to avoid, as much as possible, to sell clothing that is made in low wage countries. Part out of principle but also because it's a good thing to invest in European firms. As a result of that, we became somewhat more expensive, yes that is inevitable. We strongly believe that there has to be a change in mentality, because you must realize that: 'Cheap does not mean that it didn't cost much, but that someone else pays the price for you. If you are not paying enough, it's the people who are making it or the earth that has been plundered for it.' So we try to buy more of Emmy Design( made in portugal) Miss Candyfloss (made in Romania) Diva Catwalk (made in UK) The house of Foxy ( made in UK) Marmelade ( made in EU) Gracy Q (made in EU) Mll Tambour ( made in EU) ...
However, you will save money and time by opting for quality. You choose something beautiful and durable that will last for years and so it doesn't need to be replaced. Just think about how much time it takes to buy new things, which might not be really comfortable to wear, so you have to send it back or throw it away. And that is a shame.

To say it with a quote by Vivienne Westwood:  "My message is, 'Buy less, choose well, make it last,'"

So we would appreciate it if you would take a look at these 'clean' brands on our webshop.

Choose well,
Miss Poppy

Monday, 23 April 2018

Tips for a vintage hairdo!

A vintage hairstyle is sometimes a challenge. To get it nice, you usually need those nice curls.You can get these with a medium curling iron, or if you really want to keep it vintage, with the famous 'pincurls'. These are curls that you turn around your fingers and fix on the scalp with a bobbypin and then leave to dry. These have my preference. In the beginning it takes some practice to turn your hair nicely around your fingers but the longer you do it the more skilled you become. You must of course take the time to dry them well. To keep the curls long I use Elnett satin heat protection styling spray, and of course hairspray to fix everything. Below is a nice tutorial by Cherrydollface that combines the way with the curling iron and the pincurls. The result is a beautiful vintage look.

Happy Pincurling
Miss Poppy for

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Dress to impress!

Whether we like it or not, we are judged by our appearances. So if you want to impress and step up the ladder of social status, you better dress like it. It's better to leave a chic, positive first impression.
Looking great involves many factors including mixing and matching. And make sure you know the difference between fashion and style. Fashion is what you buy, style is how you wear it! But how do we do that?

  1. you select a style that works for you, for me it's mostly the 40's style.
  2. Start shopping in the style you like and stick to it.
  3. Accessorize, very important, this will make or break your look.
  4. If you can, get some dresses made by a seamstress, fitting you perfectly
  5. Find out what coulours bring out the best in you.
  6. And last but not least, experiment, don't always follow the rules.
And now you can start shopping 

Review of the Hayworth evening dress spring orient.

As a tribute to the Hollywood star, Rita Hayworth, we present this completely new evening / cocktail dress in the style of the 1940's in a new spring print - Spring Orient print on rayon crepe. The flowing line of this fabric gives this dress a super elegant appearance and oh so totally 40's.

Glamorous and nostalgic - this dress takes you back to the American Hollywood from the war time but with a little film noir thrown in it.

The dress has a classic sweetheart neckline from the forties with grow on sleeves to show that iconic 40's silhouette. Two darts under the bust to create a narrow waist. An extremely flattering neckline for all sizes. The elegant waterfall design sarong skirt is again an iconic American 40's style element and creates flattering ruching on the tummy.

The perfect evening dress from the 40's in an exclusive Art Deco floral print.

As far is the description of the dress. It is actually a beautiful dress but this nude tint does not flatter me. I had to take several photos before I had one that I was good enough. Furthermore, the model is very flattering. And the print is also beautiful. The sleeves are wide enough (when you get older sometimes that gives a problem) and he has a very nice cleavage. Minus: no stretch. But certainly a super cute dress that is worth the money. This dress gets 8.5 / 10. Negatives points because he has no stretch and for the difficult color.

Get it here.

Ten tips to straighten out your vintage / retro wardrobe

  1. If you did not wear the garment last year, trow it out. It' s clear, you do not connect with this garment.
  2. Look what you need and what you already have, if there are already 3 black cardigans in your closet, then do not invest in another one (even if he's so adorable)
  3. Invest in basic pieces: classic black dress, white blouse, ballerina flats ...
  4. Buy the right size, do not buy clothing for when you will lose those extra pounds. Moreover no one likes to wear clothes that are to small.
  5. Put outfits together with what you already have, so you can see what you still miss in your wardrobe
  6. Invest in accessories, they are a relatively inexpensive way to pimp your outfit and they remain faithful through thick and thin (haha, do you get him?)
  7. Do not be convinced to buy something because it is in sale. If you are not going to wear it, it is a bad investment anyway.
  8. Invest in shoes: classic black pumps, easy step shoes, summer sandals ...
  9. Mix retro and vintage, it does not all have to be new and expensive. Some things like handbags become more beautiful with time.
  10. Leave some room for drama: a little fake-fur, an exotic dress, a showy pair of earrings, bright colors ... It should not all be perfect and so serious.

If you find that you still have a few pieces too short? Then go take a look at the webshop for inspiration.