Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Different dress codes

Sometimes you are invited to a party or a wedding and there is a dress code. Here are 4 dress codes explained:

Smart casual:

This is an informal dress style, so almost anything goes. (If it is decent enough). Jeans doesn't belong here. A dress is okay, with boots are pumps. Combine a skirt or pants with an elegant blouse or sweater. T-shirt are only allowed worn under a blazer. No big logo's or writings on your clothing. And what about the men? Cotton pants, shirt and blazer are okay, no need for a tie.

Business attire:

This is a formal dress code for during the day. You can choose a formal dress (kneelength) or a pantsuit. Combine the pantsuit with a blouse, but you can also wear a top. Always wear panties with the dress. You can wear a hat. Pumps or elegant flats are okay. Pair your handbag with your dress or pantsuit. And what about him? A dark tailored suit, with a plain shirt, tie, dark soks and black shoes.


For receptions and other cocktail parties.

A short or kneelength dress, think little black dress. You can wear dark or bright colours but the dress is one plain colour. You wear the dress with panties and pumps, boots are not allowed. Choose subtle jewellery and pair your small handbag with dress or shoes.
If it's cold you can wear a stole. And what about him? A dark tailored suit with a plain shirt, tie, dark soks and dark, classic shoes (boring)


For special occasions, only at night.

A long festive evening dress with nice cleavage. An ankle long skirt with corset is also allowed. No pants. Long or halflong gloves are a must. Rings are worn under the gloves. You remove the gloves when eating. A clutch or very small handbag, matching shoes or dress.
You wear a shawl or bolero. And what about him? White tie= tail coat, black trousers, white shirt with wingtip collar, white piqué waistcoat and white bowtie or Black tie= Smoking

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Miss Poppy