Friday, 7 February 2020

Where have all the gentlemen gone?

Last I posted this quote on instagram: 

And I got so much reactions that I got the feeling that the world is in need of gentlemen.
And where have they all gone? Do they even exist anymore?

If you look at the typical male today, you might be dissapointed. What happened to honor, courtesy and manners? When came comments like damn, hot stuff and great ass the accepted way to show your interest in a woman?

Somehow I can't believe that all the gentlemen dissapeared. There are certainly lots of great men out there. But I get the feeling that they are scarce.

Men today put in just enough effort and charm to gain a woman's interest. To let her think he cares.  Like a cat on a string. He forgets that women have to be cared for, not that we are helpless, but we like to be pampered. And relationsships need maintaining.

Many men simply don't know their role in today's society. They hear mixed messages on what 'real men' should do and not do. Also from women who 'can take care of themselves'. Yes, we can, but that doesn't mean that we don't appreciate to be treated with value. And men who do shouldn't be viewed anti-feminist .

Let's be clear. A gentleman will open doors, pull out chairs and pay the bill. Not because he thinks she isn't capable but because he's interested, he values her and wants to show it. And empowered women can do all those things herself, but she can also afford a gentlemen his place without it diminishing her power, nor her independence.

I certainly wouldn't mind more gentlemen in my life!

Miss Poppy

Source: Thoughtcatalog

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Trouble with putting on your tights? Here are some great tips!

So putting on tights requires some skill, specially with long nails. Often they rip while pulling them up or adjusting them.

So here are some great tips on how to put on tights without getting any ladders.

  1. Don't wear any juwellery like rings, bracelets...
  2. Roll up your panty leg to the toe-part of your tights and start there.
  3. Roll up your tights untill over the knee.
  4. Them pull them over hips and waist.
  5. To adjust them you can use nitrile gloves, they tend to stick to the tights so pulling them a bit higher when they tend to slip down is easy. Just put your 2 hands on your ankle and rub upwards.

Hope this helps you a bit on the way.

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Miss Poppy

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Different dress codes

Sometimes you are invited to a party or a wedding and there is a dress code. Here are 4 dress codes explained:

Smart casual:

This is an informal dress style, so almost anything goes. (If it is decent enough). Jeans doesn't belong here. A dress is okay, with boots are pumps. Combine a skirt or pants with an elegant blouse or sweater. T-shirt are only allowed worn under a blazer. No big logo's or writings on your clothing. And what about the men? Cotton pants, shirt and blazer are okay, no need for a tie.

Business attire:

This is a formal dress code for during the day. You can choose a formal dress (kneelength) or a pantsuit. Combine the pantsuit with a blouse, but you can also wear a top. Always wear panties with the dress. You can wear a hat. Pumps or elegant flats are okay. Pair your handbag with your dress or pantsuit. And what about him? A dark tailored suit, with a plain shirt, tie, dark soks and black shoes.


For receptions and other cocktail parties.

A short or kneelength dress, think little black dress. You can wear dark or bright colours but the dress is one plain colour. You wear the dress with panties and pumps, boots are not allowed. Choose subtle jewellery and pair your small handbag with dress or shoes.
If it's cold you can wear a stole. And what about him? A dark tailored suit with a plain shirt, tie, dark soks and dark, classic shoes (boring)


For special occasions, only at night.

A long festive evening dress with nice cleavage. An ankle long skirt with corset is also allowed. No pants. Long or halflong gloves are a must. Rings are worn under the gloves. You remove the gloves when eating. A clutch or very small handbag, matching shoes or dress.
You wear a shawl or bolero. And what about him? White tie= tail coat, black trousers, white shirt with wingtip collar, white piqué waistcoat and white bowtie or Black tie= Smoking

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Miss Poppy

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Something about elegance

Elegance has nothing to do with looks or beauty. Elegance is an attitude, a way of life. Walking a fine line in respecting others and respecting yourself. A loving way to approach people, but even more important: a loving way to treat yourself.

Elegance is caring and being centered. Not being thrown off by a problem but focussing on a solution.
And yes of course, looks can add to that attitude but are just a mere detail. Elegance  exhibits refined grace and suggests maturity. 

The Oxford English Dictionary defines elegance as “the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner”. 

Stay elegant,

Miss Poppy

Monday, 1 July 2019

5 Top Secret Tips for Dressing Vintage/Retro/Rockabilly by A Vintage Vanity

I while ago I discovered this fun video of 'a vintage vanity' on youtube. Made for once in a refreshingly humorous way. You really have to look, I was a fan right away. She really helped me how to start with my retro look.

She has very good tips for a starting retro girl. And also understands very well that it sometimes takes a little courage make the switch to retro.

Below > the video:

Hope you enjoy it.
Miss Poppy

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Colours and mood.

Can the color you wear really affect your mood? Research says yes; color can absolutely affect your mood.

Here's a little more insight on the subject.

The thing is for example the clour blue remainds us of blue skies and calm weather, so it's logical that it stands for calm and stability.

So what is the perfect colour for different situations?

  1. The colour green is restful for the eyes so a good choice for computer desktops and websites. It stands for healing, succes and hope.
  2. Orange is a great colour to wear for your workout. It produces an energizing effect en stimulates the brain.
  3. If you're a woman, wear the colour red on a date. Men are biological programmed to notice the colour red, so all eyes will be on you.
  4. If you are a men, then wear the colour blue on a date. Blue is a stable colour and women like stable, trustful men.
  5. For powerdressing wear the colour black. This is a great colour to wear on an important meating at work. Black makes you look powerful and capable. 

Now these are generalities that have been obtained from decades of research, but this is not a magic bullit answer. The advice is to play with it as it suits you.

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Colourful greetings,
Miss Poppy

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Make up, less is more.

Lot's of us feel naked without makeup, me included. But it's easy to overdo it. So how can we apply that beautiful simpel everyday look.

  1. Foundation is sometimes a miracle solution, still, make sure you don't cover up your best features. The point is, you shouldn't see your makeup. And be sure to make a difference between day and evening makeup.
  2. So skip the heavy eyeliner during daytime and apply some toned down eyeshadow and a light lipgloss.
  3. Maybe you can also swap your blush with some bronzer during the day.
  4. The advantage of wearing day makeup is that you can add some vavavoom to your evening makeup. If you always wear full face, you cannot surprice anymore.
  5. Many men like us girls just the way we are, au naturel. And yes, we don’t wear makeup for them but it might be something to consider. 😉
  6. If you do want to put some feature in the spotlight, choose for one thing. Lucious red lips, beautiful eyemakeup, perfect foundation or show off your fabulous cheekbones.... That gives you room to add something for your special occasion make up. 
  7. Stay away from flashy colours like tangerine and turquoise. Only on very special occasions are they acceptable. Otherwise, go for a more subtle colourscheme.

And if that doesn't work for you. Throw aside all rules and be yourself. Rules are meant to be broken. ;)

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Miss Poppy.