Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Miss Poppy's morning routine for succes!

This is Miss Poppy's morning routine for succes. I strongly believe that how you start your morning wil determine the rest of your day. Having an early morning routine is a commitment to improvement. It means you will have time to yourself in a quiet atmosphere and gives you the opportunity to be more organized for the rest of your day, which cuts down on stress and anxiety.

So here's my morning routine.

  1. Get up early, I get up at 6 and I only have to start to work at 9. I think you should take the time to wake up and get ready for your day.
  2. As soon as I wake up, I'm grateful to be alive and I smile: yet another day to have some lovely new experiences. Yes, just be grateful that you are still alive, many poeple didn't make it this morning. And please, never ever hit the snooze button on your alarmclock. If you wanna ruin your day that's the way to do it.
  3. Then I go to the kitchen and have a large glass of lukewarm water. Yes, lukewarm, that is the best way to get it into your body and absorb it. If you like you can add some lemonjuice.
  4. Next I start with my 20 min. full body excersise. I surch for something on youtube and I change what I do from time to time because when you do the same thing time after time, it won't have any effect anymore. And I don't get bored.
  5. After that I'm having some fruit or a smoothie or another healthy snack.
  6. Then it's time for meditation or some selfhypnosis or some affirmations, also with the help of youtube. I normally do that for about 10 minutes.
  7. Then I check my emails and messages. And put a new post on instagram.
  8. After that it's breakfast time and I enjoy a tasty breakfast. 
  9. Then I have myself a nice cup of coffee (decaf) and check out some inspirational video's from people that I admire. I try to learn something new every day. It's good for your brain.
  10. And last but not least: I get dressed and do make up and hair. I always try to look my best because that sets of your day in a good way.
So, I know it's hard to change your habits, but beginning your day with a positive routine can make your whole day more successful. The only thing you have to do is stick whit it.

By saying with a quote by Jim Kwik: 'first you make your habits and then your habits make you.'

Happy mornings from
Miss Poppy

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