Friday, 31 August 2018

One great tip to upscale you outfit.

This is one easy tip that will instantly make your outfit more posh. I got this from another blogger (don't know who anymore) and it works. It sounds a bit simple but you should give it a try.

Wear pointed shoes

Yes, that's it. I did the test as you can see on the photo's below.
I don't excactly now why, maybe because pointed shoes make your leg look longer and thus more elegant.

Now we don't sell shoes at Misspoppywear, but we do sell the pretty skirt I'm wearing.

Miss Poppy

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

The desperate housewife

Every working woman with children is a desperate housewife on a regular basis.

Especially vacations are stressy periods for women. For a week of enjoyment and relaxing, they have to pay dearly and have to do twice as much work back home. Because the laundry and other work have multiplied in the meantime. Bye bye the relaxed state and welcome the stress, and voilĂ , your week's holiday is over and forgotten. How do you solve this? Maybe you can still do the laundry but leave the ironing to the ironing shop. Catch up with the rest of the work by not cooking that week and going to the takeaway or caterer. And above all, delegate, yes the magic word, the rest of the family has also been on holidays so they can also pitch in. We women, however, are very poor at delegating, because what we do, we always do better ... It remains a dilemma: the division of tasks, but if you want to do too much, sooner or later you will be presented with the bill in the form of burn out or  exhaustion.

So delegate girls and make choices in whatever job you can leave to someone else.

In the meanwhile, you can use the extra free time for shopping

Miss Poppy

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Where does my love for retro chic clothing come from.

Many people ask me how I came in to retro clothing, but few people ask why I sell these clothes. I started to think about that, because everyone can sell clothes ... So what makes Misspoppywear so special?

Our motto is:

'The strongest action for a woman is to love herself,

Many years ago I struggled with confidence I felt like people were looking down on me. And because I strongly believe that every woman can, and especially has the right to shine, I ended up in retro.

Because retro clothing respects the woman, every woman. These beautiful garments simply get out the best of you, retro respects the feminine curves and even applauds them (not like with regular clothing where we are always reminded how full our buttocks is) And that's why I love these clothes. But also the entire retro atmosphere, the ritual to harmonizing your hairstyle and clothing in the morning ... With respect and love, underlining the woman in yourself. Simply love yourself as you are.

This evolution is also underway in men and I can only applaud this. We see a huge boom at barbers and more and more men think about their look.

I am sure that retro can play a major role in this evolution. Retro clothing underlines style, class and elegance and is numb to trends.

Stay classy and a little bit sassy.
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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

5 simple tips to look elegant.

Elegance is Miss Poppy's trademark and she has some simple tips on how to look elegant.
Some of these tips are mentioned before in an other post. But they remain applicable.

  1. Check your posture. Shoulders back and chin up. Try to look confident. Practice this untill it becomes a habit. If you're not sure how it feels to stand straight, the trick with the book on the head is a good way to see if you're walking tall.
  2. When at dinner, mind your table manners, keep your mouth closed while eating, chew slowly and use your napkin. No smartphones, i-pad or other distractions at the table.
  3. Pay attention to details. Nails, make up, shoes, handbag...
  4. Dress elegant, a classic chique style is always a good choice. Here you can find how you can start a vintage chic wardrobe.
  5. Take care of your hairdo, although a messy out of bed look, can look great. It's not very elegant and noone will take you seriously. Better choose for a nice bun or a more clean hairdo.

And if you're looking for vintage chic clothes, hop on by the webshop.

Stay elegant,
Miss Poppy