Monday, 12 November 2018

Something about retro hairdo's.

There are different kinds of retro hairstyles and here you have a summary of 8 different styles.

  1. Old hollywood waves, the signature hairstyle of Veronica Lake. This is a very classy and simple hairstyle that goes great with an eveningdress.

  2.  1940s Gibson roll: This hairstyle is perfect for a black-tie wedding or to show off a pretty neckline–and it’s great for girls with curly hair.

  3. 1950s Headscarf: Real popular now in the rockabilly scene and an easy updo for a bad hairday.

  4. 1950s Bumper bangs: This hairstyle was made famous by Bettie Page — the famous pin-up model and actress of the 1950s.

  5. 1940s Victory rolls: A bit tricky to do but with practice you wil get the hang of it.

  6. 1950s French twist: never gone out of style, but it has to be done well. This is a great tutorial for it from Kate-

  7. 1960s Hair flip: super popular in the sixties and the favorite of Emma Peel (The avengers)

  8. 1960s Big bouffant:  The beehive is the definition of '60s hair,

Miss Poppy.
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