Wednesday, 13 February 2019

The love test

I while ago I read an article in Vintage life magazine about a lovetest they applied in the thirties
This was a test to see if a couple was compatibel. 

  1. The simpatic test: One must watch the other half go through something mildly traumatic and the one who is watching has their hartbeat and breathing measured. If it's rates increases, you have past the test.
  2. Nervous disorder test: A man is shooting a gun in the air, and the reactions of both partners are recorded. If both of them are peeing in their pants and running arround screeming, the marriage should not take place. 
  3. The physical attraction test: Both pulse and breathing are measured while embracing, if both heartrates and breathing are increased, that is scientifical 'evidence of attraction'.
  4. The body odor test: One of the partners is placed into a large capsule with a hose attached. The other half has to take a large sniff and if the smell is found acceptable, the match is 'safe'

Very interesting of course, but what about love, a sense of humour and kindness??? And yes, looks?

Anyway, I hope you have found your match, and if not, take a look at our new collection to find you a dress to hunt down that perfect partner.

Happy Valentine's day,
Miss Poppy

Recourse: Vintage Life Magazine