Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Make up, less is more.

Lot's of us feel naked without makeup, me included. But it's easy to overdo it. So how can we apply that beautiful simpel everyday look.

  1. Foundation is sometimes a miracle solution, still, make sure you don't cover up your best features. The point is, you shouldn't see your makeup. And be sure to make a difference between day and evening makeup.
  2. So skip the heavy eyeliner during daytime and apply some toned down eyeshadow and a light lipgloss.
  3. Maybe you can also swap your blush with some bronzer during the day.
  4. The advantage of wearing day makeup is that you can add some vavavoom to your evening makeup. If you always wear full face, you cannot surprice anymore.
  5. Many men like us girls just the way we are, au naturel. And yes, we don’t wear makeup for them but it might be something to consider. 😉
  6. If you do want to put some feature in the spotlight, choose for one thing. Lucious red lips, beautiful eyemakeup, perfect foundation or show off your fabulous cheekbones.... That gives you room to add something for your special occasion make up. 
  7. Stay away from flashy colours like tangerine and turquoise. Only on very special occasions are they acceptable. Otherwise, go for a more subtle colourscheme.

And if that doesn't work for you. Throw aside all rules and be yourself. Rules are meant to be broken. ;)

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Miss Poppy.