Tuesday, 9 October 2018

6 tips on how to become a role model.

It's a nice feeling to be significant. Everyone likes to be important to others. So how do we achieve that?  These are some of the traits you need:

  1. Demonstrate confidence and selfrespect.
    Don't forget, you are the most important person in your world. that doesn't mean that you should be arrogant. No, but you should treat yourself with love and respect, only then you can treat others accordenly.
  2. Be unique, not perfect.
    Just embrace the exclusive being that you are. Noone asks for perfection, on the contrary. Perfect people make others feel like a failure. You need to bring out the best in others and they will love you for that.
  3. Listening to others is as important as talking to them.By listening you make them feel important to you. Let them talk first and at the end, if you make a remark or give them your opinion. It will be heard.
  4. Show respect and concern for others.Even if you're a very succesful business women, you should not feel better then others or take them for granted. Everyone has their value.
  5. Always have an open mind and be willing to learn new things.
    Maybe you have done your whole life things a certain way. Still, taking on the task a little differently might give you a better result.
  6. Don't be affraid to admit a mistake. This is very important( and one I don't easy do, sadly), admitting making mistakes makes you human. People can connect to that feeling.

Source: Cayenne Consulting

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