Monday, 22 June 2020

Ten tips to clean up your retro wardrobe.

    1. If you didn't wear the garment last year, get rid of it. Obviously, you don't feel well in this garment.
    2. See what you need and what you already have, if there are already 3 black cardigans in your closet, don't invest in another one (as much fun as it is)
    3. Invest in basic pieces: classic black dress, white blouse, ballerinas ...
    4. Buy the right size, don't buy clothes for when you will lose those extra pounds, also no one likes to wear clothes that are too tight.
    5. Put together outfits with what you already have, so you can see what you are missing in your wardrobe
    6. Invest in accessories, they are a relatively inexpensive way to pimp your outfit and they will be loyal through thick and thin (haha, do you get it?)
    7. Don't be convinced to buy something because it is on sale. If you are not going to wear it, it is a bad investment anyway.
    8. Invest in shoes: classic black pumps, easy step shoes, summer sandals ...
    9. Mix retro and vintage, it doesn't have to be all new and expensive. Some things like handbags get more beautiful with time.
    10. Leave some room for drama: a little fake fur, an exotic dress, a showy pair of earrings, bright colors ... It doesn't have to be perfect and so too serious.

    Miss Poppy

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