Monday, 24 August 2020

Tips to live a luxury lifestyle on a budget

Recently my income has gone way down. As I like to keep the lifestyle I had, I've been looking for ways to substain that as much as possible.

These are my tips:

  1. Choose a cheaper substituut. I'm a real Chardonnay lover so I swopped my normal brand with some Chardonny in 3L box. You might have to try some before you find something to your taste. But it worked great for me, and that can be applied to almost anything.
  2. As for clothes, go for the classics: white blouse, black pants, cardigan, plissé skirt...You can always find replica's of the more expensive brands. If your consience is bothering you (because, yes, cheap clothes are not always produced the decent way) Try a thift store. Maybe you can find a bargain on an expensive brand. I got this dress for only 12€.

  3. Look for discounts, yes it's pretty obvious but it can save you lots of money. Also don't buy anything you already have a simular item of. (so no 2 black cardigans)
  4. Buy artificial jewelry. I buy a lot from shops like Kruidvat and C&A. Noone sees the difference unless they are professionals. And even then, who cares...
  5. You can travel luxurious by traveling off season, to a less expensive location, And try asking for an upgrade for your room. Do you have any fancy hotels in your city? Maybe you could just hang out in the lobby for a little bit and take it all in. What do you notice? People walking through in their sharp outfits…women’s stilettos clacking on the floor…it makes you want to sit up straighter and get taken a bit more seriously, doesn’t it?
  6. Save for higher quality possibilities. Sometimes a girl needs a bit of spoiling, so don't rule that out entirely.

So, hope this helps you on the way and if you have any more tips, leave them in the comments below.

Miss Poppy

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